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Write Your Own Novel Professional 3.1

StoryBoard – makes light work or re-organising, adding or editing chapters
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Always wanted to write your own book, but didn’t know where to start. Whether you’re a complete novice, or a more experienced writer, Write Your Own Novel Professional V2, has everything you need to create a best-selling literary masterpiece!
Any published author will tell you that the key to writing a successful book is all in the planning. Write Your Own Novel Professional helps you methodically plan, develop and organise your story from the early concept stage, right through to publication.
And now with even more flexibility, this new version makes managing your work even easier than before, leaving you free to concentrate on your creativity!
Main features:
-NEW StoryBoard – makes light work or re-organising, adding or editing chapters and scenes and gives writers a ‘bird’s-eye’ view of their story
-Characters – generate random characters for instant inspiration; create your own from scratch, or use the ‘Add-On Tool’ to build a character from a database of names, descriptions and personalities
-Writing Prompts – avoid writer’s block with this extensive guidance system packed full of useful hints and tips. Prompts you to think about every aspect of your story; building a plot, developing your characters, establishing relationships, setting the pace, creating suspense, describing locations etc.
-Notes and Ideas – jot down and keep track of any ideas, or flashes of inspiration about your story, safe in the knowledge they won’t get lost. Feeling stuck - you can even use the idea generator to suggest ones for you based around your characters
-Events – Create, generate and edit events that feature in your story, keeping track of all the characters involved. A useful summary helps you get a quick ‘at a glance’ overview of your story
-Links – Link characters, items, events, locations, ideas etc. throughout your work, making it easy to keep consistency throughout your story
-Thesaurus and Spell Checker – Includes a 150,000 word thesaurus and a 120,000 word spell-checker
-Readability Guide – Counts the number of syllables, words and sentences to measure clarity and readability of your text
-Publisher-Ready Manuscripts – Create and customise a neatly formatted publisher-ready manuscript, perfect for professional submission
-Submissions Tracker – helps you monitor who you’ve sent your work to, when you sent it and records notes and feedback

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